Are you struggling to book your highest-priced product or service? I mean, you hustle hard, and yet you keep signing contracts for your most affordable offer, making revenue goals impossible to hit.

You see others doing it, so what gives?

What if I told you that you are spending your efforts and money in all the wrong places?

In just 1 hour, you'll get my exact 3-step framework to align your best package an attract the right client in the next month?

After this masterclass, you'll have the secrets on how to:

  1. Build a magnetic brand message, making it easier than ever to qualify leads and find the perfect client match.
  2. Create or fine-tune your high-ticket offer to break through your current income barrier.
  3. Leverage your online presence to do the heavy lifting of sales for you.
  4. Fill your calendar with lucrative events. No more paying to play, it's time to build this business on a higher level.

PLUS you'll get this support bundle (valued at $147) when you attend the masterclass live!

- Social Media Refresh to keep your brand feeling shiny, with the option to set it and forget it!

- Sales Page Template for a higher conversion rate on your high-ticket package.

- 5 Ways to Shine at Networking Events so you can show up with confidence and become the wedding pro that everyone wants to work with.

I’m Carin Hunt - podcast host, wedding business strategist, and your guide to leveling up your revenue with your best product.

With years in sales at luxury wedding venues and building a destination wedding planning business on referral power, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of a strong brand paired with valuable collaboration— and the chaos that ensues when these elements are messy.

Do budget weddings drain your energy? Or do you love being a part of the big vision your clients dream of? I’ve been there, and I’ve cleared a path to the light.

"No matter what point you are at in your business, I highly encourage you to join "Celebration Pros". This was one of the best business decisions I have made and am so grateful to have Carin as my coach." - Liz, Luxury Wedding Planner

In this masterclass, I'm offering actionable steps to breathe life into the higher end of your product suite.

Join me, and let’s turn your highest-priced offer into your next booked client.